One top way to get more out of life

As humans, we all have hopes, dreams, goals, and desires.


Successful careers and more money.


Healthy, happy families.


To be loved, recognized, and appreciated.


Confidence and the body we desire.


What I’ve found, though, is that one of the BEST ways to invite more of what you desire into your life AND get the utmost fulfillment is to GIVE more.


Whether it’s giving time, money, attention, or resources.


Giving to others is actually the best way to receive more!


And since it’s the giving season, I want to know…who or what do you feel really passionate about giving to?


My personal passion is to ‘To Keep Space’ for people going through difficult life challenges.  By keeping space I mean just being there… sometimes as an ear to listen, a consoling voice, to give hug when no-one else has any hugs to give or just a simple presence and company for someone when words and gestures don’t suffice.


Once you get into the regular habit of giving, it’s addictive.


I truly believe that the more we give, the better our lives becomes, and the more we’re able to contribute to making the world a better place.


Cheers to giving this holiday season!


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