💡🛋Here’s a simple (and cozy!) way to eliminate some germs and bacteria from your home: make it a shoe-free zone!

👞In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are paying more attention to our exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.

Shoe-Free Zone Post Image

👟For centuries, people in some cultures have avoided wearing shoes in their homes. It only makes sense, because our shoes can track in anything they’ve been exposed to out in the world, and studies have shown they actually can be dirtier than a toilet.

Yuck, right?

🚪🥾If you’re thinking of making your home shoe-free, set up a spot to store shoes as soon as people come in the door, with a chair nearby that makes it easy to put on/take off footwear. 

👠Then, clean your floors to get rid of loose dirt and mop with a warm solution of mild disinfectant that’s designed for your flooring.

✅That way, your feet will be less likely to pick bacteria that are lingering after being tracked in by your shoes.



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