Fit Body Fitness Training wants to help local small businesses and help out those looking to keep fitness in their life during all of the closures we are dealing with.

Yes, we are one of the small businesses who are hit hard by everything that is going on, but we have been around for a long time and literally have the most incredible and supportive community imaginable.

This is no exaggeration.

​So here is what we are doing.

We have gone fully online with all of our wonderful ​members and will be making sure everyone has all of the resources to get in some amazing at-home workouts and have the accountability and support of the ​FBFT Team behind them everyday!

Monday, March 23 is Day 1 via, a LIVE Stream Training at NOON on Zoom.

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We are ​also opening up our online program to the public for a 21 Day STRONGER Community At-Home Fitness And Healthy Habits challenge.

The challenge has officially kicked-off for members at Fit Body Fitness Training.  We are opening this up the community to offer fitness support as other facilities are closed.

The challenge for the greater community will start between now and ​Sunday.  You can join any time between now and Sunday – when you sign up, you’ll start at ​day one.

Here is the official link to sign up: (current ​members this is free for you & should already be set up – if it’s not, please send us a message and this will be fixed.)

We 100% understand that everyone is being affected differently by what’s going on, so for anyone joining us for the first time, the program will be by donation only, with a minimum of $10.

100% of the money coming in from this will be used to support local businesses owned by ​FBFT ​Members & beyond. We will be using the money to purchase gift cards from these local business which we will then turn around and give back to the folks in the challenge​.  To be eligible to win prizes, you simply need to participate in the 21 day challenge.  We will track participation by daily check-ins.  You read that right, it doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no — you simply need to answer!

This is greatly appreciated in any amount and if you know us or have followed our challenges, we go all in​ from the start to the very end of each challenge.

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What you get as part of the ​21 Day Challenge:

  • ​Daily Lessons.
  • ​Daily Accountability Check-ins – we know you may be trapped at home, with or without little humans, you might need somebody holding you accountable from eating yourself crazy and bingeing on Disney+ Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • ​Bodyweight workouts — you read that right, you don’t need access to ANY equipment.  If you do have equipment, you can simply add the weights to make the exercises more challenging!

Please share this to everyone you can. ​Fit Body Fitness Training has a large reach, but we could use your help to go beyond the city limits of Hillcrest and the local Logan and Brisbane are, to help us make an even ​bigger difference in our community in these tough times!

Thank you so much from our entire team. These are stressful times, but we want to use it to strengthen our relationships with others and our community.



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