Own the choices

Anytime someone says to me “It’s so hard to eat healthy!” I do get it.

There’s temptation everywhere.

We are busy and want convenience.

Other people might not have the same goals as you if those goals are around improving health or weight loss.

But I gotta tell you the truth…

Choosing to eat healthy isn’t hard.

You kinda already know what to do.

You know salad is a better option than potato chips.

You know when you’re out that the grilled chicken is a better choice than the fried chicken.

So then, why do we think it’s so hard.

I think there are 2 reasons:

  1. We are, as humans, wired to crave fatty, salty, and sweet – those are just things that our pallets like.
  2. That it’s hard is a story we have told ourselves for so long we actually believe it.

Physically stating the healthier choice is actually quite easy if you think about it.

Committing to always putting the better choice into your mouth will have drastic results.

So, start telling yourself a different story.

When you say or think “it’s hard” just remember how easy it actually is – it’s just a matter of following through, my friend.  😀

Let me know if this helps.

Coach Greg

P.S. And of course if you need support, guidance, and accountability to make sure you follow through, we’re here. 

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