50% OFF Christmas Gift Vouchers**

🎄 I have great news for you! 🎁 Only Available for Purchase During month of November! 🎁 🎄 There is never better a time than NOW to get 50% OFF PT Packages! 🎄 🌟 I’ve got very limited numbers of packages! 🌟 ✅ 5 Sessions Package (was $250) 📛 NOW $125 ✅ 10 Sessions Package (was … Continue reading 50% OFF Christmas Gift Vouchers**


FINAL CHANCE FOR 2019 We will be running a final challenge pre-Christmas to get a head start on 2020. I know it’s tempting to wait for a NYE resolution but remember, only about 8% of those setting a resolution actually succeed. We want you to start now, feel amazing leading up to the festive season … Continue reading 🎄🎅X-MAS CHALLENGE 💪💪

5 strategies for a guild-free, waistline-friendly Festive Season

A HUGE HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON to you! I hope your holiday season will be absolutely incredible. The most wonderful time of the year is beginning! But from now to Christmas the average westerner gains 3-5 kilos. We KNOW this, but we do it anyway. Most people do absolutely nothing to stop it. So why is this? We … Continue reading 5 strategies for a guild-free, waistline-friendly Festive Season

You are What You Eat:  You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet

Ever heard someone give themselves permission to indulge their sweet tooth just because they just had a great workout?  It’s a common excuse. Many people believe that because they exercise, they’re in the black as far as their calorie input/output.  But in reality, this sort of thinking is a sure road to failure. Most people … Continue reading You are What You Eat:  You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet

Restore Your Core

It’s my brand-new Restore Your Core manual, and (you guessed it!) it’s all about building a strong, streamlined core.   Your core keeps you standing and sitting upright, protects your back, and can even affect your breathing, circulation and digestion (you’ll find out how!).   Nearly every movement you make originates from your core. Keeping … Continue reading Restore Your Core

Upgrade your breakfast with this one trick…

I’ve got a good one for you today...   It’s a super simple upgrade that will lay a solid foundation for your nutrition all day long.   And…. it’s especially important if you’re going food shopping or will be heading to a holiday party later that day.   This mini-upgrade will:   Keep you feeling … Continue reading Upgrade your breakfast with this one trick…


🎅🏼 🎁 Have you gotten your holiday shopping done yet? (More importantly: Have you gotten YOURSELF a present yet?!) ✨ 🎁I have a GREAT free gift for you that will help you check all the names off your list – and help you spread the gift of good health! It’s my brand-new 2019 HEALTHY HOLIDAY … Continue reading 2019 HEALTHY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!

My 3-second question to eliminate temptation…

Picture this for a second....   You’re at a Christmas party. You’re surrounded by your family, friends, or coworkers and are having a great time.   Drinks are flowing and food is everywhere. And it’s delicious. In fact, you’ve already indulged in some of your favorites, in moderation of course 😉   But then your … Continue reading My 3-second question to eliminate temptation…

Creating a Healthy Mindset

Do you feel you could use a healthier attitude toward life? Would you like to approach things in a different way? Is a healthier lifestyle attainable?  The stress of modern life can sometimes make it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, you can start living healthy, today, by adopting a healthy mindset. Even if … Continue reading Creating a Healthy Mindset