Do a recovery workout once a week to stay mentally and physically "fresh".   Foam rolling and stretching stimulates blood flow and loosens tight muscles to reduce your recovery time between workouts.   Eat 15-30 minutes after your workout for optimum recovery.   Buddy up to stay motivated and inspired. Find someone to get fit … Continue reading TRAINING TIPS

The True Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise. It can improve your health on all levels. We’re not just talking about being fitter and stronger. We’re talking about overall health and longevity.   Regular exercise improves your heart health, brain health, muscle and bone health, diabetes, and arthritis. Beyond those, it also reduces stress, boosts moods, increases your energy, and can improve … Continue reading The True Health Benefits of Exercise

Is The 80/20 Rule For Nutrition & Exercise A Myth?

You may have heard that abs are made in the kitchen...   Or you may have eaten an extra piece of dessert because you exercised that day, so you feel like you “earned” it dammit!   In order to see results at the gym, lose weight or even maintain overall health, we’re told that it’s … Continue reading Is The 80/20 Rule For Nutrition & Exercise A Myth?

Exercising with Chronic Pain

Getting to the gym for a workout can sometimes be a battle in itself. Let’s face it... a daily workout can be a challenge, for so many reasons, but sometimes it can even be a little painful - or a lot painful!   So, what do you do if you’re already dealing with body pain … Continue reading Exercising with Chronic Pain

At-Home Cardio Ideas

For many people, one area of their workout program that they struggle with the most is getting in their cardio training.  They’re fine getting into the gym to perform weights and if they’ve structured their weight lifting routine properly, they really don’t have to be in there for all that long to execute an effective … Continue reading At-Home Cardio Ideas